What is Fraxel Laser?

Fraxel is the gold standard treatment for acne scars, sun damage, fine lines + wrinkles, brown spots and actinic keratosis (aka pre skin cancers).

Fraxel is a play on the word “fraction” meaning a percentage of the skin is injured with each treatment to stimulate fibroblasts (the healing cells) to lay down new collagen resulting in younger, healthier looking skin. The discovery of fractionated laser technology allowed for less downtime and less risk of scarring and infection. The uninjured skin surrounds the injured skin and expedites healing.

What is the best laser for treating acne scars?

Fraxel is the ideal laser for treating acne scars. Fraxel is a fractionated laser that targets water in the skin stimulating collagen remodeling. Fractionated lasers damage a fraction of the skin with each treatment. Side effects and downtime are minimized when only a fraction of the skin is damaged. In the past, lasers damaged all of the epidermis and dermis leading to prolonged healing time and complications including scarring and pigment alteration. With these newer laser technologies, about 1/3rd of the epidermis and dermis is damaged allowing for more rapid recovery and improved patient results.

What is the best laser for treating wrinkles?

Fraxel heats and damages parts of the epidermis and dermis leading to formation of new collagen and elastin, which minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

What is the best laser for sunspots?

Fraxel does an excellent job at erasing years of sun damage and sun spots, including pre-cancerous growths called actinic keratosis. The Fraxel Dual at our office has two settings or wavelengths that target different layers of the skin. The 1927 wavelength targets the upper layers of the skin and erases pigmentation from the skin, while the 1550 wavelength goes deeper in the skin stimulating collagen and elastin to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and scars.

What is the downtime like for Fraxel?

After Fraxel, patients are bronzed, red and peeling for about 5 to 7 days. Strict sun protection and avoidance is recommended for 2 weeks prior and post any laser procedure. The healing areas of skin should not be exfoliated or scrubbed off, but rather kept clean with gentle cleanser and/or dilute white vinegar and then kept moist with Vaseline, Aquaphor or a light moisturizer such as Vanicream. A physical blocking sunscreen with zinc and titanium and a broad brimmed hat should be worn post-procedure for at least 2 weeks.

What if I want the results of Fraxel, but don’t have a week to be healing?

Clear + Brilliant is a “mini-Fraxel” treatment that uses similar technology, but with less energy and damage delivered to the skin. A series of Clear + Brilliant treatments is needed to equal one Fraxel, but the trade off is minimal to almost no downtime. For busy professionals and parents on the go, this is the perfect treatment to maintain a youthful appearance and prevent the signs of aging. Clear + Brilliant treats and prevents fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, enlarged pores, scars and melasma.