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Dr. Caren Campbell is a board-certified dermatologist who provides high quality dermatologic care to patients in a no-nonsense, high-end, personalized, boutique environment.  As a hard-working, young professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, she knows her vision and medical practice is aligned with San Francisco.  Dr. Campbell embarked on a life-long dream to open her own dermatology practice and hopes to provide San Franciscans with a trusted, welcoming environment to look and feel their very best.   

Dermatology Simplified


Note Regarding Insurance Plans:

Dr. Campbell has declined to contract with commercial insurance carriers. This move toward a direct-care model allows her to focus on patient care and not be burdened with the issues surrounding contracting with and billing insurance companies. Dr. Campbell and her staff use their time and energy to provide high-quality, excellent care and service to their patients without spending time on administrative functions and obstacles created by third-party payers.

You may ask yourself, why would I see Dr. Campbell? There are many benefits to being a patient at our fee-for-service dermatology practice:

  • Wait times shorten dramatically. Oftentimes, same day appointments are available.

  • You will always see Dr. Campbell, a board-certified dermatologist who provides the best possible care she can by staying up-to-date with the field of dermatology.

  • Dr. Campbell takes the time to listen to your questions and concerns and completes unhurried exam, providing a clear, well documented diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan.

  • Dr. Campbell’s limited clinic staff is focused on you and the health of your skin, instead of insurance requirements. You will spend less time in the waiting room and less time waiting for Dr. Campbell in the exam room.

  • Transparent pricing may afford a less expensive visit for those with high-deductible plans who have not met their deductible. You will know the cost for your visit up front and you won’t be surprised by bills that come weeks or months later.

  • Whether your visit is medical or cosmetic, Dr. Campbell can take care of both issues without the stress of worrying about what is covered by insurance or not covered by insurance.

  • For patients with insurance, you are able to use your benefits for pathology, laboratory work, and prescriptions.

  • Pathology services are available at a reduced rate with a board-certified, fellowship trained dermatopathologist for patients who prefer transparent pricing, or those with high deductible plans that prefer to pay out-of-pocket.

  • For services covered by insurance, we are happy to provide the necessary forms to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company.



What patients are saying about Dr. Campbell:

“Extremely professional. Communicated and explained everything with me. Great sense of humor.” — Manuel C.


“Dr. Campbell was very personable. She made sure to translate anything she said in dermatologist technical language to non-jargony clear explanations and instructions.” — Sarah B.


“Caren is thoughtful and explains everything very clearly and is also very warm and easy to talk to.” — Sandip M.


“Dr Campbell's bedside manner is also A+ so I'm always happy to see her. I am a client for life.” Katherine D.


“Dr. Campbell is the best!  I was referred to her by a friend of mine who clearly also had a good experience.  She knows what she is doing. She's extremely knowledgeable, and well-educated.”— Amanda C.


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